M4P Hub Newshttp://m4phub.org/The latest news from M4P Hub. Sharing knowledge on making markets work for the poorCopyright M4P Hub 2010. All rights reserved.SDC Paper now available: Mainstreaming Governance in M4P ProjectsM4P Hub TeamThe discussion on mainstreaming governance in Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) projects was the third e-discussion of SDC’s e+I Network in 2012. It followed a discussion on Women Economic Empowerment that was organised in cooperation with the M4P Hub and a discussion onM4P and Rural Advisory Services (RAS) in cooperation with SDC’s RAS Network.http://m4phub.org/news/SDC-Paper-now-available-Mainstreaming-Governance-in-M4P-Projects.aspxDatedNew Participatory Guide: LINKing Smallholders: A guide on inclusive business modelsM4P Hub TeamCIAT’s research area Linking Farmers to Markets, is pleased to announce the release of a new participatory guide to inclusive business models, a project that has been developed in a in close collaboration with the Sustainable Food Lab, IIED, CRS and Rainforest Alliance and with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.<br>http://m4phub.org/news/New-Participatory-Guide-LINKing-Smallholders-A-guide-on-inclusive-business-models.aspxDatedYour Chance to Contribute towards updating the M4P Operational GuideM4P HubThe M4P Hub has released a new survey to gather the views and experiences of Market Systems Development Practitioners. This process will allow for these experiences to be incorporated into the revised M4P Operational Guide, strengthening the Guide for the next generation of M4P programming. http://m4phub.org/news/Your-Chance-to-Contribute-towards-updating-the-M4P-Operational-Guide.aspxDated'Markets for Poor' Programme Manager Vacancy in Azerbaijan M4P Hub TeamThe collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent privatisation of collective farms has meant that, for the past 20 years, many farmers in Azerbaijan have struggled to make a living. Oxfam is working to address that. Take the lead on our agricultural livelihoods programme and so will you.http://m4phub.org/news/Markets-for-Poor-Programme-Manager-Vacancy-in-Azerbaijan.aspxDatedDeveloping Market Systems: Seizing the Opportunity for the Poor - M4P Hub Conference Proceedings now availableM4P Hub TeamMarking the anniversary of the M4P Hub conference, the proceedings of Developing Market Systems: Seizing the Opportunity for the Poor are now available. http://m4phub.org/news/Developing-Market-Systems-Seizing-the-Opportunity-for-the-Poor---M4P-Hub-Conference-Proceedings-now-available.aspxDatedTeam Leader vacancy for CrossRoads project in UgandaM4P Hub TeamDFID Uganda (DFIDU), with joint financing support from the European Commission is implementing the Creating Opportunities for Sustainable Spending on Roads (CrossRoads) programme. CrossRoads is managed by a small Secretariat which also supports a new Roads Industry Council (RIC).<br><br>In support of DFIDU and the RIC, the Secretariat is working with private and public stakeholders to create capacity in the road construction industry, using a ‘markets for the poor’ (M4P) approach. http://m4phub.org/news/Team-Leader-vacancy-for-CrossRoads-project-in-Uganda.aspxDatedNew SDC E+I e-discussion on Governance and M4PM4P Hub TeamSDC invites you to participate in the upcoming e-discussion on mainstreaming governance in M4P projects, taking place from 17 September to 5 October 2012. This will be the last of three e-discussions held in 2012. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the e-discussion with your experience and learn from other members of the PSD mailing list.<br>http://m4phub.org/news/New-SDC-E-I-e-discussion-on-Governance-and-M4P.aspxDatedEvaluating the impact of M4P programmes: synthesis paperM4P Hub TeamIn March 2012, the M4P Hub facilitated a two-day workshop on evaluating the impact of M4P programmes, bringing together staff and representatives from DFID, Sida, SDC, and USAID, evaluation experts, M4P practitioners and advisors.http://m4phub.org/news/Evaluating-the-impact-of-M4P-programmes-synthesis-paper.aspxDatedSDC Paper now available: Rural Advisory Services and Making Markets Work for the PoorM4P Hub TeamThis is a synthesis paper of the joint e-discussion of the A+FS and e+i networks in June 2012.http://m4phub.org/news/SDC-Paper-now-available-Rural-Advisory-Services-and-Making-Markets-Work-for-the-Poor.aspxDatedM4P and Women's Economic Empowerment - Phase Two: Guidelines for Incorporating WEE into M4P ProgrammesM4P Hub TeamFollowing a discussion paper for an M4P WEE framework written by Dr Linda Jones for the M4P Hub, this paper represents the second phase of the Women’s Economic Empowerment in M4P series.http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-and-Womens-Economic-Empowerment---Phase-Two-Guidelines-for-Incorporating-WEE-into-M4P-Programmes.aspxDatedWomen's Economic Empowerment in M4P: Synthesis of the e-discussion with SDC's e+i networkM4P Hub TeamSDC published a synthesis of its recent e-discussion with the e+I network, held from 19 March to 10 April 2012. The discussion on Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) in Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) projects was the first e-discussion of SDC’s e+I Network in 2012, organised in collaboration with the M4P Hub.http://m4phub.org/news/Womens-Economic-Empowerment-in-M4P-Synthesis-of-the-e-discussion-with-SDCs-e-i-network.aspxDatedNew M4P Hub Case Study available: SamriddhiM4P Hub TeamA new case study of the Samriddhi project documenting lessons from market systems development in Bangladesh is now available to download on the Hub website. Samriddhi combined SDC-supported projects of Livelihood, Empowerment and Agroforestry (LEAF) and Sustainable Access to Agroforestry Knowledge, Technology and Information (SAAKTI), which have contributed to remarkable achievements in the provision of information, knowledge and technology to rural small-holders.http://m4phub.org/news/New-M4P-Hub-Case-Study-available-Samriddhi.aspxDatedNew USAID briefing paper: ‘Understanding Facilitation’M4P Hub TeamThis briefing paper provides an overview of the facilitation approach to project implementation adopted by USAID, which attempts to address the challenges of achieving sustainability and scale in value chain or market systems development. http://m4phub.org/news/New-USAID-briefing-paper-‘Understanding-Facilitation’.aspxDatedDiscussion Paper for an M4P WEE Framework: How can the M4P Framework work for poor women and for poor men?M4P Hub TeamThe M4P Hub is coordinating a multi-step process aimed at strengthening women’s economic empowerment (WEE) issues within the M4P framework. Dr. Linda Jones produced a discussion paper that was presented at the M4P Hub Conference in November 2011, where additional input from donors and practitioners was captured to gather collective perceptions from the M4P community.http://m4phub.org/news/Discussion-Paper-for-an-M4P-WEE-Framework-How-can-the-M4P-Framework-work-for-poor-women-and-for-poor-men.aspxDatedM4P Hub Conference proceedings series: Monitoring and Evaluation in M4P programmesM4P Hub TeamMonitoring and evaluating programmes that take a market systems approach presents a distinct set of challenges. As the number and scope of market systems programmes grows, finding solutions for robust measurement of impact is an increasingly central task. <br>We share here the views of two presenters at the M4P Hub conference that met a growing interest in measuring results from both practitioners and donors. http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Conference-proceedings-series-Monitoring-and-Evaluation-in-M4P-programmes.aspxDatedM4P Hub Conference proceedings series: Developing Training Systems for Health Workers in BangladeshM4P Hub TeamMohammad Muaz Jalil of Katalyst (Swisscontact) shared the lessons learnt and experience gained by Katalyst, during its work in bringing about a systemic perspective within the training systems for health workers in Bangladesh. http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Conference-proceedings-series-Developing-Training-Systems-for-Health-Workers-in-Bangladesh.aspxDatedM4P Hub Conference proceedings series: Skills Development through Public and Private Sector Partnerships - Bringing a Systemic Perspective to Skills DevelopmentM4P Hub TeamRajesh Jain (ACCESS Development Services) and Sonali Chowdhary (The SEEP Network) presented lessons in engaging government through urban value chain development drawn from the experience of the Jaipur Jewellery Development programme (JJADe, 2007-2011).http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Conference-proceedings-series-Skills-Development-through-Public-and-Private-Sector-Partnerships---Bringing-a-Systemic-Perspective-to-Skills-Development.aspxDatedM4P Hub Conference Proceedings Series: Achieving Systemic Change - Challenges and Lessons from AusAID’s Enterprise Challenge Fund (ECF)M4P Hub TeamFor this next feature in the conference proceedings series, Alwyn Chilver sheds light on the progress to date of AusAID’s Enterprise Challenge Fund, which aims to encourage systemic change in markets through providing a competitive grant facility to private enterprise in the Asia-Pacific region. Included here are the key take-aways from Alwyn’s presentation.http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Conference-Proceedings-Series-Achieving-Systemic-Change---Challenges-and-Lessons-from-AusAID’s-Enterprise-Challenge-Fund-ECF.aspxDatedM4P Hub Conference proceedings series: Encouraging and enabling the public sector to open up land and housing markets to the poor in South and Southern AfricaM4P Hub TeamMark Napier presented Urban LandMark’s experiences at the M4P Hub conference in November 2011. He shares with us the questions and comments of participants at the event.<br>http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Conference-proceedings-series-Encouraging-and-enabling-the-public-sector-to-open-up-land-and-housing-markets-to-the-poor-in-South-and-Southern-Africa.aspxDatedM4P Hub Conference proceedings series: Facilitating Mobile Money for the Poor - The Contribution of Donors to Market Systems DevelopmentM4P Hub TeamExecutive summary of the paper "Facilitating Mobile Money for the Poor - The Contribution of Donors to Market Systems Development", presented by Jonathon Ridley, Coffey international Development, at the M4P Hub conference. <br>http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Conference-proceedings-series-Facilitating-Mobile-Money-for-the-Poor---The-Contribution-of-Donors-to-Market-Systems-Development.aspxDatedM4P Hub Conference proceedings series: Q&A with the Cambodia MSMEM4P Hub TeamAfter a short summary of their presentation at the M4P Hub conference, Curtis Hundley and Bryanna Millis of DAI share the key points emerged at the conference and answer questions from participants.http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Conference-proceedings-series-QandA-with-the-Cambodia-MSME.aspxDatedM4P Hub Conference proceedings series: Lines in the Water: Facilitating Systemic Change in the Tea Sector through a Portfolio Approach - Jo Mackie and David Knopp, Wood Family TrustM4P Hub TeamA synthesis of the work presented by Jo Mackie and David Knopp at the M4P Hub conference in November 2011, within the theme of engaging successfully with the private sector.<br><br>http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Conference-proceedings-series-Lines-in-the-Water--Facilitating-Systemic-Change-in-the-Tea-Sector-through-a-Portfolio-Approach---Jo-Mackie-and-David-Knopp-Wood-Family-Trust.aspxDatedM4P Hub Conference proceedings series: Making informal health providers work better for the poor - Lessons from Nigeria and Bangladesh (Dr Gerald Bloom, IDS)M4P Hub TeamA synthesis of the study prepared by Gerald Bloom, Abbas Bhuiya and Oladimeji Oladepo presented at the M4P Hub conference in November 2011.http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Conference-proceedings-series-Making-informal-health-providers-work-better-for-the-poor----Lessons-from-Nigeria-and-Bangladesh-Dr-Gerald-Bloom-IDS.aspxDatedMarket Systems Conference - Thank You from the Hub Team!M4P Hub TeamThe Hub team would like to say a big thank you to everyone that attended the market systems conference in Brighton last week. http://m4phub.org/news/Market-Systems-Conference---Thank-You-from-the-Hub-Team.aspxDatedPrOpCom - Making Tractor Markets Work for the Poor in NigeriaM4P Hub TeamA new case study available on the M4P Hub website captures the successes of the DFID-funded Promoting Pro-Poor Opportunities in Commodity and Service Markets (PrOpCom) project at facilitating systemic change in tractor markets. http://m4phub.org/news/PrOpCom---Making-Tractor-Markets-Work-for-the-Poor-in-Nigeria.aspxDatedOxfam seeks Livelihoods Programme ManagerM4P Hub TeamOxfam is recruiting for an individual to manage the Livelihoods Private Sector Engagement project in Azerbaijan and lead on related strategy development. <br>http://m4phub.org/news/Oxfam-seeks-Livelihoods-Programme-Manager.aspxDatedMarket Systems Conference - Registration Now ClosedM4P Hub TeamDue to the outstanding response to the conference, we have decided to increase the number of places and allow more organisations to attend. Nevertheless, the conference has now reached its maximum capacity and registration has officially closed.<br><br>http://m4phub.org/news/Market-Systems-Conference---Registration-Now-Closed.aspxDatedNew M4P Hub publication on the past, present and future of market developmentM4P Hub TeamThe M4P Hub has had a recent article examining the progress and prospects for market development published in the Journal of Enterprise Development and Microfinance.http://m4phub.org/news/New-M4P-Hub-publication-on-the-past-present-and-future-of-market-development.aspxDatedSDC host help desk on results measurement and monitoring systemsM4P Hub TeamA synthesis of SDC's third and final e-discussion of 2011 is now available on the M4P Hub website.http://m4phub.org/news/SDC-host-help-desk-on-results-measurement-and-monitoring-systems.aspxDatedPro-poor Challenge Funds - New thought leadership paper on the AECFM4P Hub TeamA new paper published by KPMG documents lessons from the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund, an initiative using the M4P approach to support innovative business ideas, in the areas of agribusiness, rural financial services, and renewable energy that are commercially viable and will have the biggest development impact on rural Africans.http://m4phub.org/news/Pro-poor-Challenge-Funds---New-thought-leadership-paper-on-the-AECF.aspxDatedInterview with Ian Anderson from the Gatsby FoundationM4P Hub TeamBusiness Fights Poverty have posted a synthesis of a recent interview carried out with Ian Anderson, Africa Programme Manager with the Gatsby Foundation. http://m4phub.org/news/Interview-with-Ian-Anderson-from-the-Gatsby-Foundation.aspxDatedM4P and Gender ConsultancyM4P Hub TeamThe M4P Hub is leading a multi-donor initiative to strengthen women’s economic empowerment issues within the M4P framework, and is currently seeking a consultant to support this project through a short-term consultancy.http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-and-Gender-Consultancy.aspxDatedThe NATNETS programme: Facilitating malaria reduction through Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs)M4P Hub TeamA recent case study of the NATNETS programme in Tanzania; which is successfully combating rates of malaria through the use of insecticide treated nets (ITNs) is now available to view on the M4P Hub website.http://m4phub.org/news/The-NATNETS-programme-Facilitating-malaria-reduction-through-Insecticide-Treated-Nets-ITNs.aspxDatedSeizing the Opportunity for the Poor - M4P Hub Conference ConfirmedM4P Hub TeamThe M4P Hub is very pleased to confirm that it will host a market systems development conference entitled "Developing market systems: Seizing the opportunity for the poor" at the Grand Hotel, Brighton, United Kingdom on 7-9 November 2011.<br><br>http://m4phub.org/news/Seizing-the-Opportunity-for-the-Poor---M4P-Hub-Conference-Confirmed.aspxDatedSDC host e-discussion on facilitating change in M4P programmesM4P HubSDC’s first e-discussion in 2011 for the employment and income (e+i) network focused on facilitating change in M4P programmes. The event brought about intense debate about what facilitation should involve, the characteristics of the facilitator and the stage of the project cycle in which facilitation should take place.http://m4phub.org/news/SDC-host-e-discussion-on-facilitating-change-in-M4P-programmes.aspxDatedM4C – New SDC Market Systems Development Programme in BangladeshM4P Hub TeamThe upcoming SDC programme “Making Markets Work for the Jamuna, Pabna and Teesta Chars (M4C)” in Bangladesh will help to establish sustainable, functioning markets and improve the economic opportunities available to Char dwellers.http://m4phub.org/news/M4C-–-New-SDC-Market-Systems-Development-Programme-in-Bangladesh.aspxDatedNew Facilitation Training Curriculum Available from USAIDM4P Hub TeamA new training curriculum on facilitating value chain development is now available to download on the USAID microlinks site.http://m4phub.org/news/New-Facilitation-Training-Curriculum-Available-from-USAID.aspxDatedM4P Hub - Market Systems Development ConferenceM4P Hub TeamThe M4P Hub will host an international conference on developing market systems, bringing together practitioners and policy makers from around the world to share lessons and debate the future for market systems development thinking and practice. http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub---Market-Systems-Development-Conference.aspxDatedFirst M4P Hub Debate – M4P and Post-Conflict EnvironmentsM4P Hub TeamOur first M4P Hub Debate asks experts and practitioners whether M4P is a useful or appropriate approach to use in post-conflict situation.http://m4phub.org/news/First-M4P-Hub-Debate-–-M4P-and-Post-Conflict-Environments.aspxDatedLearning from Failure in Development Danielle TappitakeEngineers Without Borders (EWB) has taken a bold step in the development community and encouraged others to do the same: they admit failure. http://m4phub.org/news/Learning-from-Failure-in-Development.aspxDatedTeam Leader Opportunity for an M4P Programme in NigeriaThe M4P Hub TeamGRM International is currently advertising a Team Leader opportunity for an M4P programme in Nigeria. http://m4phub.org/news/Team-Leader-Opportunity-for-an-M4P-Programme-in-Nigeria.aspxDatedM4P Hub Presents at European Development Days Programme Danielle TappitakeOn 7 December, the M4P Hub and Swisscontact Germany presented a session on Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) at the 5th edition of the European Development Days.http://m4phub.org/news/M4P-Hub-Presents-at-European-Development-Days-Programme.aspxDated